BOWS Style Barrel Stave Opener

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These new BOWS openers are made from barrel staves from Woodford Reserve, that had a local Buffalo stout aged in them. The outside of the opener shows the beautiful patina of the outer barrel, while the other side shows the deep char that gives the whisky and the beer it's characteristic flavor! 

The BOWS style opener was designed with feedback from the beer community to fix shortcomings of other openers, while keeping and improving the must have functions. A carefully designed ergonomic handle fits your hand comfortably, but still feels solid. The handle design gives you the leverage you need to pry caps off and cut through wax seals with the custom designed teeth made from aircraft grade aluminum.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Very sharp wax cutting blade made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Rare earth magnets to capture caps
  • Bolt style opener keeps caps straight for collecting
  • Option for custom logo